For job seekers: How to find a job in the field of neurology

Are you a passionate neurologist – or do you aspire to become a neurological specialist as a resident physician? Could you imagine working in the birthplace of neurology, founded by the german physician Heinrich Romberg in 1840 when he published the first neurology textbook?

In the extensive German healthcare field, employing far more than 300.000 physicians, neurology is currently the fastest growing medical discipline at 5 - 10 % every year, measured by number of specialists. Many German clinics and healthcare centres have a strong need for neurological specialists with an excellent clinical education and advanced skills in the German language. A B2-level language qualification is mandatory, but in the long run it's not sufficient to assure good medical practice in diagnosis and treatment for your patients. Please consult your local Goethe Institute for more information about language qualification programs for working as a physician in Germany. Keep in mind that neurology is a language-based medicine!

If you are interested in seeking a job in Germany, please feel free to browse the approximately 100 job vacancies posted on this job board for neurological medicine and please apply directly to the contact person mentioned in the job posting of your interest. We don't forward your application e-mail to employers.

Good luck!

Information for employers
outside of Germany

The Neurology Job Board is a key platform for vacancies in the German neurological healthcare sector. We offer a highly personalised service: you send us an advert drawn up in your company's corporate design as a word or PDF document. We take care of everything else. Quickly and simply.


Rates & Prices

All details are based on the minimum insertion time of 2 months:

  • Basic Rate: publication of one profile: € 580
  • Multiple Profile Rate: Adverts in which positions for 2 or more profiles are offered: € 820


Supplementary options

  • Extensions for one month: Your advert appears at the top of the listings again: € 150 per month
  • Long-term insertion: From a minimum running time of 6 months you benefit from a 15% discount on all booked services (recommended for clinics which are constantly searching for staff).
  • Refresh: Within the minimum running time, but after 4 weeks, you can change or edit your template of a running advert: € 50
  • Video advert: At your request we integrate your image film or clinic video in the display advert you have booked. Free of charge.

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